Leighton and Lee started where most good things start.
Doing something completely unrelated.
The great thing about new ideas is that every little thing you do helps you define exactly what it is that you want.

We’re a two part team who united in London to bring user centred solutions to brands who want to elevate their craft. Whether that’s making jam, moulding candles, cutting suits or sourcing wine. There’s something special about working with people and brands who care. What’s more? We’re not an agency, nor are we freelancers. We offer an immersive service, getting to know you and your business goals first. We don’t charge you for the hours we don’t work. Simple, transparent and reliable.

Victoria is the Leighton of Leighton and Lee. Find her placed behind the screen, crafting UX and UI solutions and guiding your brand to visual success.

Ronnie is the Lee of Leighton and Lee. Bringing practicality, vision and an eye for analytics into the two-part team.